Swapnil Tandon

Director of Product @ Vendasta Technologies Inc
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Hey everyone, how's it going? I am Swapnil, and I'm currently serving as the Director of Product for Vendasta Technologies, which is one of the fastest growing SaaS organizations in Canada. I have 6+ years of experience in product management in the United States and Canada and have been coaching other PMs in the industry to become better at product management for the last three years. I've had training in Scrum, Reforge and from Marty Cagan, and have read a variety of books around product management that I use on a daily basis to help myself and my PMs get better.
If you are an existing PM looking for advice in how to get better and go to the next level (like a Sr PM or Lead PM) or you are a candidate looking to breakout as a PM in the industry, I'd love to help.
If you are in the Calgary area, I am open to meeting in person in a coffee shop or go on a hike together :-)

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