Tal Paperin

VP Global Sales & Strategic Business Development @ KSW Solutions
22 years of Sales and Business Development - mostly in Startups.
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VP Global Sales & Strategic Business Development – as a Service. I am hired by companies to solve Sales & Growth challenges. I am serving as a Consultant & Advisor, helping CEOs & Founders with all aspects of International Sales and BizDev.

Over 20 years of diverse experience in all aspects of International Sales, Strategic Business Development, Global Expansion and New markets, resulting in business and revenue growth all over the world (USA, EU, APAC, FSU).

The first 10 years of my Sales career were mostly dedicated to hands-on Sales (and often marketing), all over the Globe. I was a Sales Manager - a combination of an SDR/AE/BD - in various companies.

For the next 10 years (and counting) I fulfilled senior management roles - VP Global/International Sales (and Business Development). On one hand, I get to build strategic plans, deal with investors and VCs, close significant deals personally, and on the other hand, I get to hire and train personnel, manage budgets and pipelines, find and manage distributors and much more.

Though my most "comfortable" industries are SaaS and IoT, I am also quite familiar with many others, such as Medical Devices and HW, Logistics and Retail.

I hold 2 B.A.s: in International Relations and + Eastern Asia Studies/Chinese from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

I speak English, Hebrew, Russian and Chinese.

📢 Some Testimonials (scroll below, to the bottom of the profile for the full list):

💬 " Tal has the knowledge and deep understanding to analyze and map the market competition
in order to promote the comparative advantage for any category of products..." - Global VP Sales.

💬 ".... Tal brings in his portfolio creative problem-solving, wide range of cross-discipline knowledge and willingness to do whatever it takes to generate a final productive result..."

💬 "Tal is someone serious who invests to succeed in his project." - Executive VP.



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