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A Design Lead with 6 years of experience working on Gaming, FinTech, HRTech, PropTech, AgTech, HealthTech, Blockchain, and AI. I have been working as a design team of one to leading 20+ people in startups and corporations, solving B2B and B2C problems.

I talk about:
⋅ Kickstart a design career
⋅ Build a professional and outstanding portfolio
⋅ Present your work with impacts
⋅ Position yourself with solid personal branding
⋅ Reach the next level of your career, 10x fast

I know all the ups and downs of a design career and how to deal with it. I am glad to help design fellows like you to become the best at what you do. From our conversations, you can expect your mindset to shift, your name to get known, and you can charge the price you deserve.

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