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Hi there — nice to meet you as you go about your mentor-finding journey!

I'm Théo, a product lead at Stripe. What energises me every day is creating products people love using. Raising the bar for quality, empathy, and craft — while solving meaningful problem for people.
I'm lucky to work at a company where delivering that level of experience at scale is encouraged. My day-to-day work involved setting the strategy and goals for my pillar, and making individuals on my team successful in meeting those. Before Stripe, I worked at Qonto, a European fintech. I joined among the first 25 employees of what would become a 1,400 employees strong company of that is now worth ~$5B and , building many of its core features.

Here are some of the ways I can help:

* If you're looking to enter product management, we can explore paths that could make sense for you and run mock interviews with feedback
* If you're an established PM looking for your next step, I can help you think through your path to creating career opportunities, at your current company or beyond
* If you're a founder, I can help challenge your product strategy and give you actionable advice on what to look out in your first product hires and establish a product-led culture
* Anything else you may have in mind

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As a lot of folks in tech, I was affected by a layoff in January this year and have actively started to interview since then. As the market has been super competitive, I've been commited to preparing myself and studying a lot, but still found myself getting nervous and anxious on Product Execution and Product Sense interviews. The mock interview session with Théo allowed me to receive active feedback from an experienced interviewer who was also just very empathetic and kind, providing me with insightful actionable points and also just an extra dosis of confidence on myself. I feel a lot more prepared for my upcoming interviews :) Thanks a lot Théo!!

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