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Languages: Ruby, Python, SQL, *SH.
Infrastructure: AWS, GCP, Heroku, Docker, CI/CD.

Presently I am Consultant Lead Tech for clients all over the EU, helping them scale their product, tech culture and teams.
I have built or scaled stacks and teams powering internet based products for 10+ years now mostly with Ruby and Cloud infrastructure.

I have two mentoring programs :
- Ruby & Beyond : for junior to mid level software engineers with a focus on Ruby and beyond
- One pizza isn't enough anymore: for first time tech lead and first time CTOs specifically looking for support to pass the rough times of transitioning from engineer #1 to CTO.

Ruby & Beyond

Starting in this industry or learning Ruby is uneasy because of the large amount of content available : where to start, what to do next ?
From installing Ruby, Ruby grammar, good style, testing, web applications, to SQL and NoSQL dbs use we go through all the steps to learn the language, its ecosystem and to get to enough proficiency for actual work.
This is a 1:1 program along a few months with a mix of self paced learning, pair programming and mini projects.

One Pizza isn't enough anymore

Congrats, your company has made it past the dreaded market fit or is close to it. Your team has grown and your Friday order at the local pizza place now contains two pizzas and not just a big one.
You are not engineer #1 anymore, you are now CTO and it's a bit dazzling for you.
This program is specifically thought to support you through the transition: reviewing the culture in your team together, discussing the approach to project management, team management, hiring etc ...

Upon application please provide an overview of your background and your expectations in a few sentences. We will have further chat and a first intro call to conclude if we can go further.

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