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Thomas Seropian

Principal Software Engineer
15 years of experience building tech solutions across several industries with a strong entrepreneurial focus.
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Hello, I'm Thomas, a Principal Software Engineer for a creative digital studio and a dedicated mentor ready to guide you on your career journey. Whether you're just starting as a software engineer or trying to navigate your best career path, I'm here to help.

I've been mentoring students and software engineers for the past 8 years and can bring you support with the following:

Designing your career: we'll explore different paths and strategies to shape your career in the tech industry.

Improving your skillsets: We will focus on the core concepts, practices, and mindset to master to set you apart as a professional, on a specific project or more broadly.

Landing on your dream job: We will boost your job hunt and interview techniques so you can land this perfect gig you've dreamt of.

Seeing the big picture: If you feel overwhelmed or unsure about your professional goals, we will collaborate to gain clarity.

More about myself:
I am a seasoned software engineer with 15 years of experience developing tech solutions across various industries. I emphasize entrepreneurial endeavours.
My dual expertise in coding and managing engineering teams allows me to drive organizations towards embracing new technologies and solving real-world problems.

My leadership at Motif, Skin Analytics, and other consulting clients' firms has seen the successful deployment of large-scale web applications, enhancing business operations and customer satisfaction.

My mentoring style is hands-on and collaborative, fostering an environment where learning and innovation thrive.

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