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I am a Bitcoin software engineer and contributor to open source projects in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

I am the lead developer of Padawan Wallet, an native Android testnet-only wallet aimed at teaching the basic workfow and jargon of mobile Bitcoin wallets.

I write about Bitcoin technicals on my blog (, and have been a contributor to the bitcoin ecosystem for a few years now ( I have extensive experience with bitcoin nodes and the testnet and regtest networks (Padawan being a testnet-only wallet). My focus is on the base layer, and I have experience with miniscript, PSBTs, and output descriptors.

If you have software development experience (web, mobile, server-side) and are looking to either integrate bitcoin into your applications or are simply interested in digging deep into the protocol, I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

I'm also happy to connect with beginner developers and people who are not software engineers but are curious about Bitcoin, it's impact on the world, and how they can learn more about this frontier of tech.


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