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This is you, dialled to 11 | Find your focus, confidence and show up as YOU want to every damn day
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Hi there. I'm Tom. I'm a coach for kick-ass creative folks and also a UX designer with over a decade of practical experience under my belt. I know quite how challenging -work- can be, whatever form it takes, and believe that everyone deserves the chance to do what the love, every day, and do it in a way that makes them truly happy.

I've been running my own business as both a UX Consultant and as a coach for the last five years; before that I'd been through many (many!) design roles from reprographics technician to junior web designer through to Head of Design at a couple of start-ups. In all this time I learned a heck of a lot, made plenty of mistakes, and built a career which has gotten me to a point in my life where I'm really rather chuffed.

Away from my professional life - although you could just say it's that side of my life; working for yourself is an all-in deal! - I am a parent, a husband, and a carer. My life dynamic is complex and I know what it means to sacrifice grand plans, balance others, and still be able to show up as yourself. It's a lot but I wouldn't have it any other way.

For you, I only want success. However that shows up for you. Nobody can tell you what 'good' looks like but it helps to have someone on side to guide, challenge, and take your hand when you need it. I'm here to be that person for you; in your corner and on the front line with you when you need it.

Let's find your success together.

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