Hello! I am Tom and I have been in the design field since 2005. I tried different areas from website/mobile/e-commerce projects as freelancer, head of design in a startup to manager of a design team in a big tech company Oracle.

In the past few years I have been also mentor to 20+ designers, ranging from mid level experience to starting managers. I focus on tangible results which typically cover finding a better paying job, getting a promotion and growing your design skills. In some cases, mentees decide to quit their jobs and join my team :)

Now what can I help you with?

- Getting to a next level in your design career
- Soft skills training (presenting, negotiating, communication etc.)
- Portfolio review + landing new job
- Design feedback and guidance

Thing twice if ...

- I am not the greatest researcher, so if you want someone who will teach new tricks and techniques, you might want to look elsewhere
- I focus on long term, and gradual improvements over time, so if you want to get results quickly and swap mentors often, then we won't be a good match.
- I don't sugar-coat and play politics, you can expect to hear from me candid and constructive feedback from day one.

Some fun facts about me

- Passionate lego builder and investor - I own more lego bricks than when I was a kid.
- Gamer, Crypto and Blockchain nerd - Playing games since 1993
- Snowboarder and climber - I used to do some crazy stuff but I am wise (old) not to do them anymore
- Daddy - Most fun project of my career.

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