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I am a product designer based in NYC area.
I teach UX, UI, and user research, and my passion is in using design thinking framework to the real product and make people's lives better.

Services I can provide:
1. What is UX design?
- Learn UX design foundation.
- Learn what UX, UX design is about
- Learn key UX, UI principles you should know as a beginner
- Build career roadmap, and plan next steps
- This is for UX beginners

2. Learn UI design to become a product designer
- Use Figma tool to learn UI design
- Learn key knowledges and skills to be a good UI designer
- Hands-on practices
- This is for UX beginners

3. All you need to know about UX/Product Design portfolio
- Learn what is key skills UX/Product Designer should have
- Learn what hiring managers care about when reviewing portfolio
- Pro tips for preparing the design portfolio
- This is for the designer looking for UX/Product Designer job