Valentina Badini

Design Director @ Deloitte
10+ years Design & Business direction and mentorship
Italy Active 6 months ago


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Hey there!

I’m an Experience Design & Creative Director fighting the good fight: linking business and design to achieve sustainable progress.

I’ve worked together with countless businesses over the last 15 years and counting, to help them translate their values and ambitions into meaningful, holistic experiences.
I built, nurtured and mentored teams of all shapes and forms across every industry, getting my hands dirty and being part of their cause.

My approach includes Business Strategy, Research, Design Thinking, Data-Driven UX, Creative Direction, Agile and Testing, to ensure that every decision is aligned with business goals, backed by hard data, actionable and scalable.

Service and Product Design is my strong suit, mixed with Creativity and Innovation.

I'm a designer, speaker, teacher, gardener and a million other things: most of all, I'm a curious human being and would love to know you 👋


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