Verena Zaiser

Freelance Flutter Developer @ Freelancer
3,5 years experience in professional Flutter Development, 10 years experience in Software Development
Germany Active 3 months ago


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I'm Verena from Germany and I absolutely love building high quality Mobile Apps with Flutter and Dart! I would love to share my passion and all the experience I got from being in the Software Development field for over 10 years. I'm here to help you evolve the joy and skill to create cool mobile apps with Flutter and Dart.

More than three years ago I fell in love with Flutter and finished lots of customer and private projects already - partly in a Lead Dev position guiding teams with up to 7 Flutter Developers.

For a long time I worked alone and went through all daily coding struggle by myself. I wished there was someone who could guide me, teach me about best practices, good coding style, how to achieve different things (especially in Flutter) and who is just there if I'm running into problems. This can save so much time and nerves!

I'm so thankful this platform can be a way for you to find someone like that and speed up the whole process of learning, getting guidance and help with daily coding issues. Maybe I could be someone like that for you? Let's find out :)!



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