Vinamrata Singal

Lead Product Manager @ Match Group
Lead PM, former Google, Thumbtack, and Series A head of product
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I am a group PM at Match Group (the company that Tinder, Hinge, OKCupid, where I lead the consumer product team at My journey to product has been circuitous: I studied computer science at Stanford, but really fell in love with the cross-functional nature of product. I was grateful to be accepted into the APM program at Google, where I got a solid foundation into product management. Since then, I've worked on every kind of product (consumer, B2B2C, growth, monetization) across various environments (20 person Series A startups at Propel & Landis to 500 person company at Thumbtack & Match to global conglomerate at Google) with various product leadership roles (APM to head of product). I love coaching because I love helping people unlock their full potential. In my spare time, I love to write fiction short stories, read novels, salsa dance, and explore coffee shops.

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