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Vlad Gheorghe

Senior Data Engineer @ Delivery Hero
Senior Data Engineer (4 years experience)
Germany Active last month


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Hi! 👋 I'm a senior data engineer with a recognized talent for mentoring and teaching.

After graduating in social sciences, I taught myself programming & data. In 4 years I went from zero to being a senior data engineer at a large tech company. Even without credentials or relevant experience, I was able to obtain job interviews and convert most of them into job offers. On the job, I was able to perform beyond expectations and progress quickly.

My journey has taught me a lot, and I'm excited to share my learnings with you!

I'm very passionate about teaching and mentoring. I taught statistics and programming. I've also published a FREE course on SQL. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/@vladdata741/playlists.


General skills:
- How to learn difficult things from scratch
- How to stay motivated when changing careers

Tech careers:
- Bootcamps: are they worth it? (I did a bootcamp myself and then taught there)
- How to get a job in a competitive market
- How the tech industry works
- CV, cover letter and job hunting
- How to crush your interviews

Killing it on the job:
- How to get onboarded quickly
- How to exceed expectations and advance your career

Communication skills:
- How to improve your writing skills
- How to do killer presentations

... And much more!


Here's how you can learn a bit more about me:

- Reviews on my teaching and mentoring: https://vlad-ds.github.io/reviews/
- My LinkedIn, where I also post regularly: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vlad-ds/
- My articles on HackerNoon: https://hackernoon.com/u/vladpublish

Feel free to write me for any questions or to book an introductory session!

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