Walter Lee
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Former Head of Product @ Stessa

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I've been working in San Francisco and Silicon Valley for the last 20 years. I was Head of Product at 3 startups, ranging from 3-guys-in-a-garage to a Series D startup. I have always done a mix of hands-on PM work and managing other product managers. Before that, I started my career as a software engineer at Google, where I transitioned to product management.

I am currently on sabbatical, spending more time with my family (I'm a new dad) and deciding what's next. I have always enjoyed coaching my teammates (not just my direct reports but also indirect reports and peers), and enthusiastic about helping out others here.

Specific topics I especially enjoy talking about:
- Identifying how a PM can best contribute to their particular team, by matching strengths and weaknesses to find complements
- Adding just enough process to prevent chaos without hurting agility
- Resolving personality conflicts
- Changing career from engineering to product management
- Forging relationships with cross-functional stakeholders, especially Marketing, Sales, Customer Success
- Managing your stock options (disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor)

What students say

"Walter was super engaged during our session and his detailed feedback helped me improve strategies for behavioral questions! :)"
Claire, February 2022
5 stars
"Walter is a great mentor- he takes the time to truly understand your objectives and helps formulate plans forward. His experience in product is clear, and his suggestions should be taken to heart. It's always a pleasure talking to him, and he is effective in communicating insights both from a tactical and strategic perspective. I've been working with him for several months now, and his value to me with regards to organizing my thoughts/ being a soundboard for ideas is huge. "
Shahab, May 2022
5 stars
"After struggling to get traction in the job market, Walter was able to provide a ton of great feedback on my resume. Once I updated my Resume and LinkedIn, I went from hearing from one recruiter every couple of months to three recruiters in a single weekend. Walter has also helped me plan the next step in my career, helping me better shape and tell my story in a way that better relates to later stage companies. "
Steedan, March 2022
5 stars

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