Hi, I'm Warut! I'm a Senior Product Manager at eBay, based in San Francisco. I have 8+ years of experience working across many geographies and roles in advertising tech.

I'd love to help you with:
- Breaking into product management. I successfully transitioned my career from a different field myself; if I could do it, you can too!
- Preparing for product interviews including 1:1 mock interviews with me, real-life examples, and resources to practice with fellow PM job seekers.
- Growing your career in product e.g. how to lead a team of engineers and collaborate with stakeholders from different teams.
- [For those not from the US] Navigating your career in tech — there are added challenges to overcome as an immigrant and I'm passionate about guiding you through them.

Our sessions will be collaborative, tailored to your background, and designed to achieve the next step of your career. I can't wait to chat with you!



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