Wissam Abirached

Senior Engineering Manager @ Stripe
Experienced Engineering Leader in Big Tech and Startups
Canada Active 3 months ago


$300 / month

Best suited for engineers looking to transition into management and newer managers looking to grow.

2 calls per month (45min/call)

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My name is Wissam and I'm a Senior Engineering Manager at Stripe where I build public APIs that power the economic infrastructure for the internet. Prior to that, I led the API team at GitHub, led remote teams at InVision, and was cofounder of a real estate startup.

Through this mentorship program, I want to help engineers and managers succeed in the tech industry.

I want to partner with engineers that are looking to grow their career and improve their non-technical skills such as communication, leadership, strategy, giving and receiving feedback, as well as project and time management.

I also want to help engineers that are interested in transitioning into management as well as new managers. I've had the privilege of coaching many engineers through this career change and can help you identify what to focus on.

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