Yazid Hamdi

CTO @ Troutwood
10+ years of software engineering, 5+ of dev team leadership
Germany Active 3 months ago


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I'm Yazid, a Fulbright scholar with an MS in Information Technology - Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and currently working as the CTO of Troutwood LLC. I am also a member of the Carnegie Mellon University Masters of Software Engineering Alumni Advisory Board.

I kicked off my professional career in 2012 and have lent my skills to organizations like Siemens, the Max Planck Society, Airbus, and Volkswagen, as a software engineer, software architect and development team leader.

I'm proficient in multiple programming languages (and human languages too!), frameworks, cloud, and AI, and have extensive hands-on experience in DevOps, software architecture and software team leadership.

I love reading and writing about software engineering and tech in general, mentoring aspiring developers, and driving innovation in my teams.

Outside of work, I'm into motorcycles, diy, martial arts, and archery.

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