Anna Peterson

Product Leadership Coach (ex-Director of Product) @ ex-ServiceNow, ex-Yandex
15 years in tech | Helping product leaders go from overwhelmed to empowered
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Do you want to get stronger as a product leader? Do you need to build your executive presence, learn to delegate and deliver feedback, manage stakeholders, and build a strong product strategy? In my 15 years in tech, I learned that none of that is rocket science. I made fast progress in my career in product management and worked at B2C and B2B companies around the world. Most recently, I was a Director of Product at ServiceNow.

My own leadership journey was not painless. When I first became a manager, two-thirds of my team quit within a month. I was especially sad because I had not taken that job lightly. And yet, I clearly sucked at it. I took this situation extremely personally, as if my direct reports' departure indicated that I was fundamentally a bad person. The work I did over the next several months taught me a lot about myself, about others, and about leadership. Long story short: three years later, I was already a director with a big team of PMs who enjoyed working for me and were building world-class products.

Now, I'm a true believer that good leadership starts with introspection: no books or courses can help you define what kind of leader YOU need to be. Leadership is about your personal brand and being comfortable in your skin. That's why personalized coaching works better than any other tool.

- Product Leadership
- Executive Presence
- Stakeholder Management
- Delegation & Feedback
- Career development
- Team performance

My coaching practice is deeply rooted in my passion for psychology. As a certified professional coach (ICF ACC & CPCC), I believe that people learn best when they think actively about their problems and reach their own insights. Product leadership is largely about interpersonal relationships, which is an area where nobody has expertise. It is an area where one has to engage in introspection to find their own answers. My role in this process is to ask you questions to help you think, reflect, and find your unique solutions. Unlike many other mentors, I will not give you advice ;-)

If you are ready to work hard and think actively — I look forward to working with you!

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What mentees say



5 out of 5 stars

Working with Anna has been incredibly valuable - she is insightful, helpful, and kind. In our initial sessions, as I worked through next steps for my career, Anna recommended roles that I hadn't previously considered. She gave me a lot to think about, in terms of the work I enjoy doing, and the type of work environments where I thrive. In subsequent sessions, she helped me craft narratives for current and past work experiences in a way that highlighted my skills. I recommend working with Anna!



5 out of 5 stars

Anna continues to be a fantastic life and career coach, and I still stand by everything I said in my previous review: "I'm a senior PM in a big tech company, and I started working with Anna because I wanted to improve my leadership skills. Anna has been an amazing coach so far, and I highly recommend working with her. We started by (1) articulating my high level goals, (2) assessing my strengths and weaknesses to better understand where I currently stand, and (3) developing a concrete action plan to help me achieve my goals. During subsequent sessions we regularly checked in on my progress against goals and discussed challenges and obstacles I am facing. What set Anna apart was her holistic approach. When we realized some of my initial goals weren't firing up my motivation, she prompted me to step back and revisit my life and career aspirations on a broader spectrum. This encouraged me to reassess my path and align it with my larger life objectives – a crucial course correction. Anna’s mentoring style is flexible and she adapted her approach to cater to my evolving requirements. Working with Anna has been incredibly valuable. If you're looking to reflect and/or act on your career or life goals, I highly recommend Anna. She's a coach who truly cares about her clients and their progress."



5 out of 5 stars

The experience with Anna is very pleasant. I am definitely enjoying our sessions together as they have opened my eyes to different perspectives when it comes to tackling the obstacles I run into whether on a personal or professional level. I have learned a lot about myself throughout these sessions, and would love to continue with Anna for sure.

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