Yolande Sukal

UX/UI Designer
14+ Years in Product Design
United States of America Active last month


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I'm a seasoned UX/UI Designer with over a decade of experience spanning diverse sectors, including healthcare, education, government, ecommerce, consumer technology, and nonprofits. I specialize in crafting user-centric, on-brand strategies to launch products that delight end users and exceed client expectations.

I grew up a latch-key immigrant kid in Brooklyn, New York and made it all the way to Australia for my Art & Design degree. When I moved back to the US, this time to California, I landed on my career path with top agencies in the Los Angeles area helping tech brands, like Samsung and Blackberry, bring smartphones to the forefront of everyone's mind on the Marketing team--we're talking all the way back to Samsung Galaxy S3s! -- In 2015 I left agency life to build my own freelance business, again sticking with top tech brands like Google, HP, and Adobe, but this time I added in non-profit clients, like W.K. Kellogg Foundation. As UX designer, helped them realize that their National Day of Racial Healing website was more than a website-- it was a movement. In 2021, the brand agreed with the pandemic and onset of social justice movements around the world. It remains my favorite project to date.

As an underrepresented minority in the Tech industry, my journey has been challenging yet incredibly rewarding. Now, I'm eager to share the lessons I've learned along the way and help aspiring designers navigate their own paths to creative success and career achievements. If my experiences can help you reach your goals, I'm here to share them.

I have a positive, encouraging approach to mentorship. I'll look to find what is uniquely you and help you make that your #1 selling feature, that no one can replicate. I want to learn your story, what you're about. If you're struggling with your case studies, portfolio or resume, I can help you fine tune that or get a base structure down, depending on what you need. We can work on your storytelling skills to sell yourself!

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