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Zeinab Abbassi, PhD

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Feeling like you're spinning your wheels at work? Despite putting in the hours and delivering great results, that promotion seems to slip away. It's a frustrating situation, and you're not alone.

As a tech industry executive with a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Columbia University, I've witnessed this scenario far too often. But here's the good news: with the right approach, you can break through that barrier and finally get the recognition you deserve.

I am also an ICF ACC certified coach with over eight years of leadership experience across startups, mid-sized, and large organizations. My extensive coaching background in the tech industry has given me a comprehensive understanding of workplace dynamics in diverse environments.

Having been on both sides of the promotion process, I intimately understand the challenges of working hard without seeing results or being passed over for promotions. I've successfully coached VPs and directors at top companies like Google, Bank of America, Amazon, Microsoft and Meta, specializing in holistic professional development. My coaching approach blends analytical rigor with empathetic, personalized strategies to enhance confidence, communication, and leadership, aiming for both professional success and personal fulfillment.

Here's how we can collaborate on your leadership and executive development:

Executive Presence Coaching: Enhance your impact and inspire others by developing your communication skills, confidence, and executive demeanor, gravitas, and rapport.

Crucial Conversations: Master difficult discussions, navigate conflict productively, and foster trust and collaboration.
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Coaching: Increase your self-awareness, understand others' emotions, and navigate relationships effectively.

Goal setting and achievement

Time management and productivity

Confidence and self-assertion

Habit formation and behavior change

Visit my website at www.damavandcoaching.com/#testimonials to learn more.

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