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Sometimes, a strategy is needed to accomplish a future career change, or simply to get further in your current position. Should you go back to school? Look for a new job? Learn a new set … Learn more

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Sometimes, a strategy is needed to accomplish a future career change, or simply to get further in your current position. Should you go back to school? Look for a new job? Learn a new set of skills by yourself? Become a freelancer?

One of our mentors could be the outside view you need. They understand the challenges that come with a career change, and are happy to help you come up with a solid strategy on how to reach your goals.

AI/ML is a very hot topic, and in my opinion, will continue to stay popular in the next few decades. Because of this, I've seen many people with advanced degrees in other majors, such as chemistry and physics, deciding to change their career to AI. If this is you, I can help you plan this career change.

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5 out of 5 stars

Dr Nima's guidance on both the conceptual and career aspects of deep learning have been really helpful. I've learned the concepts I thought I knew in much more depth than I anticipated. He's been really supportive and accommodative in the journey so far. Looking forward to lot more learning down the line!


5 out of 5 stars

Nima is beyond great. In our first meeting he said he believed he could bring me to the next level, and even with only a short time working together, I can tell you he definitely will. If I could give him a 10 out of 4, I would.


5 out of 5 stars

My career strategy session with Nima was extremely helpful. We walked through my CV and Nima gave insightful advise about the further steps that I can take for advancing my career in a better direction. He has great knowledge about different roles in the industry and requirements for these roles. Definitely recommended for drawing a determined path towards the desired career goals!


5 out of 5 stars

Nima is great! Very responsive, and has great material. What I enjoyed most was the fact that he expects you to come prepared, and cares about mastery of material. Would definitely recommend to anyone serious about learning, but only to people who are serious about learning.


5 out of 5 stars

Nima is an excellent mentor! I have been working with him for the last 8 months, and have learned a ton from him. I met with several other potential mentors prior to meeting Nima (who all seemed great), but was most impressed by Nima, so decided to go with him. I'm confident that he would be a fantastic mentor for anyone interested in learning more about deep learning, computer vision, or AI for the following reasons: (1) he has deep PhD-level experience and education in AI and computer vision; (2) he has the ability to explain or illustrate complex material in easily understandable terms at a personalized level of detail; and (3) he is a friendly and supportive mentor, who cares about helping you reach your goals!


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