Alexander Sachs


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⭐⭐⭐ Serial Entrepreneur 💡 Head of Innovation - @codecentric AG

What i can help you with:
• Find ideas to get started
• Help create a plan to validate/execute your idea
• Give you clarity about your next steps (if you are lost with the information overflow)
• Improve your mindset

Who am i:
• Alex :)
• over 10 years of ...... [View More]

Discuss your idea and define an execution/validation strategy

You want to finally build your own business, but don't know where and how to start? You are already working on a project, but don't have much experience with building products? You ... ... Read More

 Approx. 45 minutes  $150

Expert Consultation

Whatever doesn't fit the mold: Get a full hour with a mentor to discuss your needs. Be it help with coding something, creating a software architecture, deciding on a strategy for your ... ... Read More

 Approx. 60 minutes  $149