Sebastian Scheerer

Co-Founder & Head of Design @ Wunderlist & ottonova
12+ years experience as a tech-startup founder and digital product designer
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Superfounder Consultation

Hello! I'm Sebastian Scheerer, a seasoned UI/UX designer and co-founder of successful startups like Wunderlist and ottonova. My ventures have collectively raised over $200 million, and I've been at the forefront of designing pitch decks, strategizing product development, building stellar teams, and driving growth through …

$200 / 90 min

Expert Consultation

Whatever doesn't fit the mold: Get a full hour with a mentor to discuss your needs. Be it help with coding something, creating a software architecture, deciding on a strategy for your business or working in pairs. If you don't know whether what you want …

$189 / 60 min

Work Review

Not sure about your newest design? Not sure if your code is as good as it can be? Portfolio site looking a bit, meh? In this session, a mentor will sit down with you, and give you some inputs to make your work better, be …

$119 / 45 min

Pitch Deck Review

In this session, a mentor with startup, fundraising, and entrepreneurship experience will provide feedback and guidance on your pitch deck, helping you to refine and improve it. The mentor may offer tips and best practices for creating a compelling and effective pitch deck, including advice …

$149 / 60 min

Introductory Call

If you're looking for a mentor, and you're just not sure about how this all works – this one is for you. In a casual, informal introductory call, a mentor will introduce themselves, show you around the platform, explain how our mentorships work, and explain …

$39 / 20 min