Naveed Janvekar

Applied Science Manager @ Amazon
9+ years of experience in implementing large scale ML and data science solutions
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Resume Feedback

Review of resume and providing feedback that can help you increase getting interview calls at top companies

$150 / 45 min

One off mentoring session

Unlock your potential in a single transformative mentoring session. Gain personalized insights, guidance, and actionable strategies to propel your growth and success.

$225 / 45 min

Career strategy session

In this session, we will go through your career aspirations, career transition plans, navigating work challenges and put together a solid plan to achieve your short term career goals and long term career goals.

$300 / 45 min

Mock Interview Session

Book this session to have a Data Science/Machine Learning mock interview. You can tell me your target companies and I will tailor the mock interview specific to your needs.

$350 / 60 min

Introductory call with Naveed Janvekar

Book this introductory call to assess fit for our mentee-mentor relationship.

$125 / 30 min