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Want guidance on realizing your potential as senior engineer or engineering manager or senior leader? I provide these one hour consultations when you feel like a short term engagement is what you need vs ongoing … Learn more

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Want guidance on realizing your potential as senior engineer or engineering manager or senior leader? I provide these one hour consultations when you feel like a short term engagement is what you need vs ongoing monthly coaching. Career guidance, management guidance, solving performance issues, gearing up already high performance, interview prep, mock interview, etc.

An experienced leader of high performance software engineering teams and also a dedicated, empathetic career and leadership coach.

I love coaching people early in their career, and experienced ICs, and both new and experienced managers and directors. If you're curious about my coaching style and how I would approach a …

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5 out of 5 stars

Larry has helped me take my career to the next level, FAANG. He has lots of experience coaching / mentoring candidates for FAANG interviews and I was able to tap into that to get hired at an extremely competitive SWE role. He has experience as a senior manager which helps me understand how to excel, prioritize, and approach project and conversations. 10/10 recommendation.


5 out of 5 stars

I have been working with Larry for over 5 months as I’ve transitioned from a solo developer to working for someone else, to then being a first-time manager. Larry has the rare ability to switch from focusing on the programming details needed to solve a technical problem, to understanding the different points of view that make up a project’s stakeholders, to getting inside the minds of people at different stages of their career and their fears and desires. It has been a pleasure working with Larry. Great listener, empathetic, and always have great insights—whether when I need a quick opinion on a problem via email; or untangling a complex knot of misalignments. Very versatile and someone I hope to keep working with.


5 out of 5 stars

He is an incredible mentor who has helped me understand my current situation and alleviated the pressure I feel in both my work and personal life.


5 out of 5 stars

Larry has been my mentor for over a decade, long before he began officially mentoring others. I had the pleasure of working with Larry for nearly three years in my past and I have to say that writing a summary of everything I loved about my experience is difficult - there are far too many! But I'll try to share a few with you: 1) I think his professional background in technology & an industry experience are a rare combination that makes him an exceptional mentor. He is very good at asking the right questions to get to the bottom of my issues and then articulating his recommendations in simple and clear language. 2) He connects with you on a personal level, and he shares many of his own experiences on how he would have overcome those challenges, as well as the lessons learned from his past that can help us overcome those instances. He is very well composed and has helped many people overcome many stressful situations in their professional lives by finding the right work-life balance. The one thing I admire most about him is that he is a people person, and the way he communicates and presents information is incredible, which I have always admired about him. 3) He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and extremely organized! If you ask him a question, he'll almost certainly have a positive and constructive recommendation for you based on some of the great references that you can take away with you. I value his candid feedback on my work and how I work. Furthermore, his warm and kind personality makes learning from feedback enjoyable. 4) He is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to educate and inspire, assisting me not only in finding answers to questions but also in better understanding the problem. I wholeheartedly endorse his services and will continue to be his mentee !


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