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Larry Jacobson

Career and Leadership Coach | Engineering Leader @ ex-Snap, ex-Amazon
Helping professionals in tech find their groove and thrive
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An experienced leader of high performance software engineering teams and also a dedicated, empathetic career and leadership coach.

I love coaching people early in their career, and experienced ICs, and both new and experienced managers and directors. If you're curious about my coaching style and how I would approach a 1-1 coaching relationship with you, I would really value meeting you in a 1-1 introductory call. Go for it and schedule one.

Currently I focus on:
+ career and leadership coaching to professionals and execs in tech, all roles and levels.
+ job interview coaching
+ consulting to organizations on hiring and leading cross-functional technical teams

👉 Career and leadership coaching.
+ Get unstuck! It's time to feel rejuvenated in your career
+ Get on track to your next promotion
+ Create impact as a first time manager
+ Develop your leadership skills as an IC or manager
+ Manage imposter syndrome
+ Focus on career longevity, job satisfaction and avoiding burnout
+ Strategize a career transition
+ Troubleshoot people/team/manager issues
+ Put that PIP in the past

👉 Job interview coaching.
500+ interviews as key decision maker. 200+ interviews as the hiring manager for IC and management positions. 300+ interviews as an Amazon "Bar Raiser", Snap "Decider", and interviewing partner at several companies. In these roles I have led groups of interviewers to make final hiring decisions for all types of positions (EM, SWE, PM, TPM, QA, DE, etc.) at every level including staff, principal and exec. I have had the pleasure of training scores of interviewers, and from the other side coaching job interview candidates. An experienced insider, I can help you prepare to ace your next interview.

👉 Consulting engagements:
+ bootstrap or scale your organization's software engineering capabilities; build high performing cross-functional teams
+ hire the best by constructing a rigorous and rational interviewing system
+ maximize long term retention by fostering a culture of growth and innovation

What mentees say



5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
12 months

Larry has helped me take my career to the next level, FAANG. He has lots of experience coaching / mentoring candidates for FAANG interviews and I was able to tap into that to get hired at an extremely competitive SWE role. He has experience as a senior manager which helps me understand how to excel, prioritize, and approach project and conversations. 10/10 recommendation.



5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
5 months

I have been working with Larry for over 5 months as I’ve transitioned from a solo developer to working for someone else, to then being a first-time manager. Larry has the rare ability to switch from focusing on the programming details needed to solve a technical problem, to understanding the different points of view that make up a project’s stakeholders, to getting inside the minds of people at different stages of their career and their fears and desires. It has been a pleasure working with Larry. Great listener, empathetic, and always have great insights—whether when I need a quick opinion on a problem via email; or untangling a complex knot of misalignments. Very versatile and someone I hope to keep working with.



5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
2 months

He is an incredible mentor who has helped me understand my current situation and alleviated the pressure I feel in both my work and personal life.

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