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The ins-and-outs of building a career in tech, gaining experience from a mentor, and getting your feet wet with coaching.

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Sara Malvar – Meet the Mentor

Sara is a Research Software Engineer at Microsoft Research with 8+ years of experience in industry and academia. Besides having a Ph.D. in engineering and being a postdoctoral fellow for Shell, she has been working as a mentor and trying to engage people with data-driven solutions.

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6 Best Mentoring Platforms For Your Specific Needs

Learn everything you need to know on choosing the best mentoring platforms in 2021. Get matched with the right mentor for personal and professional growth.

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Entrepreneurs who have accumulated years of business experience and insights may be looking for ways to share their knowledge or venture into an online consultancy pathway.

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Hierarchy of Leadership

Often the words Leader, Manager, Coach and Mentor are used interchangeably to describe a person in a position of power. In reality, the four are part of the Hierarchy of Leadership.

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The Value Of Being A Mentor

Mentoring someone outside of your company can be a really rewarding experience which helps you learn too.

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Tristan Pollock – Meet the Mentor

Tristan Pollock is an international (man of mystery) community builder who has helped strengthen startup ecosystems across 50 countries from Australia to Scandinavia and Russia to Saudi Arabia.

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A 2021 guide about structuring your Next.js project in a flexible and efficient way

A 2021 guide about structuring your Next.js project in a flexible and efficient way Next.js is very unopinionated about how to structure your Next.js project.

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Aliyu Alege – Meet the Mentor

Aliyu graduated as a Chemical Engineer in 2017, but used to do some coding during my bachelor's degree. Eventually, he was hired to work on AI software entirely!

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Eric Crawford – Meet the Mentor

Eric knows his way around launching products and scaling ecosystems with startups and top-tier brands. As a mentor, he helps folks around the world reaching their career goals.

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Soft or Hard skills? What will make the difference in the future?

In this document, I share my views regarding the idea of hard skills versus soft skills; as well as stating my vision of what is the most important topic regarding the most important skill for the future.

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