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June 21, 2021

Entrepreneurs who have accumulated years of business experience and insights may be looking for ways to share their knowledge or venture into an online consultancy pathway. review and alternative

Where should they begin? Or are you a budding entrepreneur seeking professional advice or answers to specific business problems and don’t know where to look?

Here comes A platform where veterans can provide their insights and users can engage their expert advice through scheduled consultation calls. In this review, we will be sharing how works, its pros and cons and some alternatives to this platform.

What Is

Clarity is a service that helps you find, schedule and pay for expert advice over the phone to help you be more productive and grow your business. Here, people browse to look for answers to specific questions, and are ready and willing to spend money for help.

Users can browse a large range of topics depending on their needs, but how does this service work?

  1. Users browse through Clarity’s expert catalog to find the expert that best fits what they are looking for.
  2. Users then proceed with making a request for a call with the expert. Once the request has been made, users will be pre-charged for the estimated length of the call, based on the expert’s per minute rate.
  3. Once the call has been scheduled, a conference line will be provided for the dial-in, and you can do so anywhere. After the consultation has ended, the charges will be adjusted to reflect the actual length of the call.

There is also an “Answers” page where users can freely post their questions and have them answered by experts on the platform. A new Clarity Live feature was also introduced. It is a membership product that allows customers to join scheduled Q&A video sessions with experts on a broad range of business topics & innovation.

Who Is Great For?

  • Budding entrepreneurs who are seeking opportunities to learn and grow with the help of experienced industry mentors.
  • People looking to get answers from others with relevant experience, distill an idea or overcome a very specific challenge.
  • Experienced entrepreneurs looking to share their knowledge, insights, and advice with others. Review

What Makes Different From Other Platforms?

Firstly, is the extensive on-demand base of experts readily available to engage with users for all sorts of questions they may have. In many cases, these experts would otherwise be inaccessible to the average person, but Clarity makes it worthwhile by charging users a per minute fee for live phone consultations.

Secondly, Clarity gives entrepreneurs a way to scale their advice giving with minimal effort and good compensation for their time. Clarity replaces physical consultation services, which are time-consuming and focused on relationship building rather than specific advice giving. Clarity helps experts track and manage the time they spend on advising, and sessions can be scheduled consecutively.

Clarity Review

Thirdly, Clarity makes people feel heard. Being charged on a per minute basis ensures that advice seekers come prepared with their questions and research, not wasting the expert’s time. Similarly, the expert being paid per minute of call time translates into a more attentive session, and better focus on helping the advice seeker navigate their situation.

Lastly, users are able to filter over 14,000 experts on the platform by price or best match depending on their needs. The advanced search feature allows users to find out how many calls each expert has taken and how expensive each expert is within each category. Users are also offered a list of related topics relevant to their search term that might contain the experts they are looking for. This intuitive search function enables users to easily find advisors that best suit them.’s Pricing Model Pricing

Members and experts who wish to sign up for Clarity can do so free of charge. Apart from that, Clarity adopts a global commission type of marketplace pricing model. This is so as the platform takes a fixed 15% cut out of each expert’s earnings per call.

Expert’s in Clarity’s marketplace are free to set their own per minute rates, which can range from $2 to upwards of $30, that users will be charged based on. This also acts as a filter to sieve out callers who are unprepared or unwilling to engage, as these experts’ time is precious and every minute counts!

Each dial-in connects only via telephone, but with the added team dial-in feature on Clarity, users can now invite up to 8 other people to join the call at the same time.


  1. Extensive network of experts for users to select from.


  1. Allows users to connect with successful big name entrepreneurs (Eg: Mark Cuban, Eric Ries, Cameron Herold, etc.) that are otherwise unreachable.

Successful entrepreneurs

  1. Smooth processes and quality advice provided. The site provides great value for people seeking fast answers.

Clarity process

  1. Clarity handles everything — scheduling, billing, setup of the conference call and even if you want to donate your earnings. This makes it convenient for both the user and the expert, as no administrative work needs to be done by either party.

Clarity Scheduling


  • There is no personalized matchmaking and users choose their own experts to consult with.
  • There are no help requests and community networking functions.
  • Members can post questions on the answers page, and obtain answers from experts for free, but experts are not obliged to do so.
  • The site is geared more towards one-time solution provision and not as much focused on building meaningful relationships with clients.
  • Clarity only accepts audio calls via the conference line they provide.
  • If you’re in a country with no access number, the best solution for calling into a Clarity conference line is to call our 1-877 number with a VOIP or free calling service such as Skype or Viber, or to call +1-415-625-0833. Otherwise, you will incur the long distance charges by your service provider if you are out of the US.

Alternative To MentorCruise

For advice seekers who prefer to build a reliable and meaningful relationship with your mentor while seeking answers, is not the best fit for you. Also, the idea of having to deliver well-rounded, comprehensive advice within the shortest time possible through a cold-call might not float the boat of every consultant.

We’ve got you covered! Let us introduce MentorCruise, a mentoring platform and community that connects professionals and entrepreneurs with great mentors and coaches. We’ve already delivered 1-on-1 mentorships to over 2,000 founders, career-changers executives, professionals, managers, and students. Even better, between them, they’ve left an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 for our mentors.

With unlimited messaging, regular check-ins and personal study plans, your mentor can help you with actionable support, or simply be there to listen.

MentorCruise offer

What Does MentorCruise Provide?

MentorCruise is your one-stop-shop for leading mentors and access to personalized guidance.

We understand that the road to career success does not come easy. At MentorCruise, we connect you with industry veterans from companies like Google and Microsoft to help you level up your skills.

Your mentors will provide you with ongoing advice and expert guidance to help you achieve your potential. MentorCruise places emphasis on the 1-on-1 engagement between mentors and mentees. As such, mentors can set challenges and goals to keep mentees motivated throughout the week and gradually raise the bar with each assignment.

MentorCruise’s Pricing Model

Still unsure if mentoring can help your business succeed?

We have designed our subscriptions with flexibility in mind. Pick out your mentor and try them out with a no obligation 7-day free trial before committing to a monthly subscription. If a single meeting is all you need, check out our one-off casual sessions that give you access to our full roster of mentors on a one-time basis, such as:

  • Introductory calls (approx. 30 minutes) at $39 — Perfect for if you’re looking for a long-term mentor but would like a feel of what the platform is like and how the program works.
  • Study Plan (approx. 45 minutes) at $89 Perfect for if you already know what you want to learn from the mentor and how far you want to go. Your mentors will draft up a detailed study plan for you through the session.
  • Interview Preparation (approx. 60 minutes) at $99 — Perfect for people looking to receive actionable feedback on what to improve on before an important interview (identify knowledge gaps, improve your presence, etc.)
  • Long term packages ranging from $30/month to $300+/month with a 7-day free trial.

What Sets MentorCruise Apart From

MentorCruise provides mentees with a more affordable, well-rounded, structured and value-added learning opportunity from various mentors. Here, we offer various pricing plans for mentees based on their needs and budget rather than only having one option to choose from on Clarity.

Mentees also enjoy greater interaction and engagement throughout the mentoring sessions with challenges and assignments. Mentors can closely monitor the progress of mentees and chat with them within the platform. Clarity however, focuses on only delivering users the answers they need.

Level up your career with the mentors at MentorCruise!

From advising projects to on-the-job training, our mentors can help you stem educational and organizational shifts without slowing you down. Obtain the knowledge and skill sets you need without having to attend endless MOOC courses, boot camps, and video programs. Discover the power of a personal mentor with our interactive and engaging mentoring sessions today.

What can mentorship do for you?

Our 'state of mentorship' report sums up the benefits, reports and effects that mentorship has on the modern working environment.

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