A handpicked collection of the best resources to learn JavaScript

Published May 28, 2019

At MentorCruise, we offer 30+ mentors right now who teach in JavaScript. There are tons of resources out there to start, but which ones are the best?

A handpicked collection of the best resources to learn JavaScript

Easy Start: Intro to JS by Udacity

The Intro to JavaScript course by Udacity is a really basic start. The free course goes over some general programming topics, followed by how to apply them in JavaScript.

You won’t get into any deeper stuff here - the curriculum doesn’t show any signs on how to work with callbacks or similar, but if you’re only getting started in programming anyway, this is a golden resource.

Let’s go deeper: Intro to JS by Codecademy

If you were programming for a while now, it can be worth it to just brush up the basics and learn about some of the quirks of JS instead.

Codecademy seems to do exactly that and doesn’t only cover the basics, such as operators, objects and classes, but also how to deal with promises, async-await and how to do requests. Great additions to every beginner JS toolkit.

The advanced video courses come at a price, many of the chapters are only available with a pro subscription, which starts at $19/month at the time of writing.

Know it all: Egghead

Egghead is a little different from the resources above, in the sense that they don’t offer a pre-defined course, but a collection of screencasts instead.

If you got the basics down from the two resources below, egghead is recommended to learn advanced concepts one-by-one. Ever wondered how to navigate and publish on NPM? Want to go in-depth on asynchronous execution? Need help in debugging your code? Egghead offers it all.

Still have issues navigating? A mentor could help.

What this post is trying to do, is to map out the vast resources that are online, and base our recommendations on industry professionals who were once in your shoes themselves.

If you still need some support in learning JavaScript, one of our JS mentors could help you, in mapping out resources for you, creating a longterm study plan, keep you accountable and check in with you.