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A handpicked collection of the best resources to learn JavaScript

At MentorCruise, we offer 70+ mentors right now who can help you with JavaScript. There are tons of resources out there to start and it can be hard to filter through all the content that is not worth your time. So, whether you are starting your journey into JS or have been on it for some time: This is where to go.

Easy Start: Intro to JS by Udacity

The Intro to JavaScript course by Udacity is a really basic start. The free course goes over some general programming topics, followed by how to apply them in JavaScript.

Udacity is known to keep a small but highly qualitative inventory of course. If you are looking for a course there, especially for introductions to certain concepts, you can be sure to get some of the best care you could wish for.

Usually, that comes at a certain price: The Data Analyst Degree is \$399 per month, for example. The Intro to JS course on the other hand is absolutely free. What a steal!

You won’t get into any deeper stuff here - the curriculum doesn’t show any signs on how to work with callbacks or similar, but if you’re only getting started with working with JavaScript, this is the perfect resource.

Let’s go deeper: Intro to JS by Codecademy

JavaScript can be used on the surface only, for example to change some texts on your HTML site, or to create a fun animation, but don’t be mistaken: JavaScript is a programming language that power full applications, servers and engines for millions of companies.

Therefore, if you want to become more proficient with this programming language of the future, you might want to dive a little deeper.

Codecademy seems to do exactly that by not only coverubg the basics, such as operators, objects and classes, but also how to deal with promises, async-await and how to do requests. That turns JavaScript from a funny little scripting language into a powerful programming tool you should have in your toolkit.

Codecademy also provides fully-fledged JavaScript courses that take you from start to finish, which come at a cost. The intro course is absolutely free, and shold help you get a little deeper into the content.

Know it all: Egghead

Egghead is a resource where developers around the world are creating bite-sized (well, 45+ mins isn’t exactly bite-sized) screencasts for different concepts and issues in a variety of languages and frameworks, including JavaScript of course.

If you got the basics down from the two resources above, Egghead is a great place to learn advanced concepts one-by-one. Ever wondered how to navigate and publish on NPM? Want to go in-depth on asynchronous execution? Need help in debugging your code? Egghead offers it all.

These screencasts are usually not free, but they are not expensive either. Many of them are an hour or more long, for the price of $9-$29. What’s the price of learning these concepts by yourself instead?

Egghead can really be your end-to-end way of learning JavaScript, because you can jump from concept to concept as you discover more.

Still have issues navigating? A mentor could help.

You can already see that we might have listed a resource that you didn’t know, or missed something that you really like. The truth is, there are thousands of hours of JS concent out there, and it’s really hard to map it all out.

If you work with someone who stays by your side throughout this journey, you are getting expert input at every part of your studies. You know where to go, where you’ve been and have somebody to bounce ideas off.

If you still need some support in learning JavaScript, one of our JavaScript mentors could help you, in mapping out resources for you, creating a longterm study plan, keep you accountable and check in with you.

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