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Learn Web Development with Courses recommended by our mentors

Having a team of almost 200 mentors can come in handy when you are looking for a great set of resources. We asked our community: Which are your favourite web development courses – and they replied. Here are some of our favourite picks.

Sandrina: Become a Front-End Master

Visit Become a Front-End Master in 2020 With These 10 Project Ideas

Looking for ideas to practice your frontend skills? You can start here.

Project-based learning is one of the best way to receive a large, diverse amount of knowledge in a short time. Chris Coyier, the author of this course, makes use of this fact and built a course around that.

The course leads to a set of 10 fully fledged product, from movie search app with React to chat app with Vue and to-do app with Svelte. You are sure to receive some basic insights into every modern web framework. A great starter.

Bapusaheb: Bento

Visit Bento

I love this site because it has roadmaps for web development, from A to Z. It can take a beginner to the advanced level in no time, with the clear roadmaps it has defined.

Bento provides a selection of helpful tracks to learn a new skill. For skills like CSS or HTML it shares resources that help build your foundations, then go further to deep dives and projects, before showing you how to move on.

For anyone who is just getting started and at the beginning of a journey of learning something new, this can be a true timesaver.

Sandrina: CSS Guidelines by Harry Roberts

Visit CSS Guidelines by Harry Roberts

High-level advice and guidelines for writing sane, manageable, scalable CSS. This will help you to write readable and reusable CSS.

CSS can get messy. If you have worked through some of the projects mentioned above or some of your own, you will realize how hard it becomes to keep an overview of all your styles. The worst part? There are no strictly enforced practices like it is common in many other languages.

The CSS guidelines course shows you a bit of advice on writing manageable CSS that is maintainable and readable.

Tapas: You Don’t Know JS

Visit You Don’t Know JS

If you are working with JavaScript or EcmaScript for a while and think you know it better, here is a book to validate that. Start reading it up asap. If you a beginner, what could be better than starting with a bang? Embrace it. One of my favorites on JavaScript.

The “You don’t know JS” is a book series and workshop all about the more advanced parts of Javascript. It’s a great pathway to learn about everything beyond simple DOM manipulation, such as closures, types, async, ES6 and beyond.

Intro to AWS

Visit Intro to AWS

Beginner-friendly resources ranging from KBs breaking down core AWS services, introduction to AWS video courses, eBooks, and newsletter courses with newbies with zero prior-experience in mind.

If you are excited to get your hands wet with some DevOps, this is a great course for you. Specifically built for those with zero prior knowledge, it’s a great resource that can take you from nothing to being ready pursuing further material and even certifications.

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