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Sandrina Pereira

Senior UI Engineer - Farfetch

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Hey there 👋
Want to become a frontend developer with a sharp eye on design and accessibility? I'd love to help you!

I can guide you to build simple websites with just HTML, CSS and plain Javascript or complex React / Vue apps. During our journey I'll give you Design and Accessibility (A11Y) tips that will do all the difference for the final user experience.

I'm a frontend developer with a great passion for interaction design. I work on a daily basis with multiple teams in React projects and discuss ideas with the Design team. During my free time I love to explore CSS animations, write tech articles or just play piano and video games.

Extra stuff I can help you with:
- Anything related to CSS
- React state management
- JS testing - unit tests or end-to-end tests
- Git workflow
- Tooling tips to make your dev life brighter ⚡️

I hope we can both learn together during this journey.


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Skills taught by mentor

Engineering & Data frontendReactaccessibilityCSSSCSSPostCSSCSS-in-JSCSSanimationsHTMLA11YjavascriptVueJSReduxtestingGitdesign

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Portugal Portugal