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Sandrina Pereira


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UI Developer - Independent

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Hey there 👋
Want to become a frontend developer with a sharp eye on design and accessibility? I'd love to help you!

I can guide you to build simple websites with just HTML, CSS, and plain Javascript or complex apps using frameworks like React or Vue. During our journey, I'll give you design and accessibility (A11Y) tips that will do all the difference for the final user experience.

I'm a frontend developer with a great passion for interaction design. I worked on a daily basis with multiple teams in React projects and discuss ideas with the design team. During my free time, I love to explore CSS animations, write tech articles or just play piano and video games.

Stuff I can really help you with:
- Anything related to CSS
- React and its state management
- JS testing - unit tests or end-to-end tests (Jest, Enzyme, Cypress)
- Git workflow
- Tooling tips to make your dev life brighter ⚡️

I hope we can both learn together during this journey.

Website: https://www.sandrina-p.net/
Codepen: https://codepen.io/sandrina-p/

Sandrina helps me a lot and inspires me so much! I pretty recommend you guys can find her as your mentor.

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