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Overcoming a challenging career change with grit, determination, and the right mentor

Joris Zierold had been working in the media and publishing industry for many years as a founder, engineer, and managing director when he decided to transition into blockchain technology in 2021.

He began to specialize in building decentralized applications and smart contracts within the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem.

Not a small feat – the blockchain ecosystem was hot. Not only the opportunities were plenty, but the competition was also fierce. With the perspective to work on the “next big thing”, many experienced developers went the same way as Joris.

Mentorship is guidance along the way

Joris was looking for guidance and feedback along the way, having a mentor to review the progress helped him a lot to stay focused and motivated, prioritization of topics to study, and finally support with landing a challenging job in the blockchain space.

MentorCruise has been a crucial part of Joris’ journey, helping him to make a difficult career jump without any prior experience in the blockchain space. Joris has worked with several mentors on MentorCruise, including and predominantly Rob Hitchens, who has supported him on the first steps of developing smart contracts with Solidity.

Most parts of the mentorship were completed asynchronously. During the months with Rob, they just had the need for a handful of video calls, with Joris working daily on his progress and Rob being there when needed.

The beauty of mentorship is that the journey is entirely personal. Mentors look at the situation of a mentee with fresh eyes every time and can plan out a roadmap based on all circumstances. For many, this is where the value of other education paths stops.

Entering the blockchain industry

It wasn’t long before, with Rob’s guidance and feedback, Joris was able to land a job as a Web3 front-end developer in a very promising DeFi startup called Keyring Network. In this role, he is responsible for the front-end development of Keyring Network, which has been a great challenge.

MentorCruise and Rob have helped Joris to reach his goals by providing guidance and feedback, prioritizing topics to study, and connecting him with others who have similar goals. Joris has attended two hackathons and has won prizes at both.

Joris would recommend mentorship to others as a way to accelerate the learning process. He believes that the right mentor can be a really useful companion no matter where you want to go.

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