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Unlocking Potential and Landing a Dream Internship at Tesla

Michele's journey to an internship at Tesla starts in an unlikely place – a small university in the south of Italy, far from the world's top academic institutions.
Davide Pollicino

Software Engineer, Microsoft

His goal was straightforward yet ambitious: to grow as a software engineer and land a role in a major tech company or an exciting startup.

This desire led him to MentorCruise, a platform known for connecting learners with experienced mentors. Michele wasn’t looking for traditional classes; he needed personalized guidance to bridge the gap between his current skills and his dream job.

Michele's story is not just about learning new technical skills. It's about how the right mentor can open doors to opportunities and guide someone to reach their full potential. It shows that with determination and the right support, even those starting from a modest background can achieve extraordinary goals.

Michele's Path to Mentorship

With a foundation in computer science, he was keenly aware of the gaps in his knowledge. "I understood the basics, but when it came to more complex topics like algorithms or cloud computing, I was at a loss," Michele reflects.

His ambition was not just to fill these gaps but to excel in them. Michele aspired to be part of something as groundbreaking as a role in a big tech firm or a dynamic startup.

However, he knew that his current skill set might not be enough to break into such competitive places. "I often felt that my background might hold me back unless I did something about it," he says, highlighting his determination to overcome perceived limitations.

This realization led Michele to a crucial decision: choosing MentorCruise over more traditional learning paths like bootcamps. His choice was driven by a clear understanding of his needs. "Bootcamps seemed to cater more to beginners, those starting from scratch. I needed something more tailored, a guide who could steer me in the right direction based on where I was at that point".

MentorCruise stood out for its unique approach to learning. It wasn’t about following a one-size-fits-all curriculum but about personalized mentorship. Michele was drawn to the quality of mentors on the platform – experienced professionals who had walked the path he aspired to tread.

"The mentors at MentorCruise come from the kind of backgrounds I could only dream of. Having access to their knowledge and experience was an opportunity I couldn't miss"
- Michele Verriello

For Michele, MentorCruise was more than a learning platform; it was a gateway to a world of possibilities. It promised not just to teach him but to understand his aspirations and tailor the guidance accordingly.

Mentorship with Davide and Overcoming Challenges

When Michele first encountered Davide, his chosen mentor on MentorCruise, the experience was both enlightening and grounding. With his extensive software engineering background, Davide immediately struck a chord with Michele.

"From our first conversation, I knew Davide was different. He didn’t just understand the technicalities; he understood where I was coming from," Michele recalls. This connection was vital. Michele needed someone who could not only impart knowledge but also relate to his unique journey.

Davide’s approach to mentoring was forthright and personalized. He began by assessing Michele's current skill set, identifying both strengths and weaknesses. "Davide was upfront about the areas I needed to work on. It was a wake-up call, but also a clear roadmap of what lay ahead," Michele shares.

This initial interaction set the tone for their mentorship – one based on honesty, clarity, and a mutual commitment to achieving Michele's goals.

Building a roadmap to success

The mentorship journey was structured yet flexible, tailored to Michele's specific needs and aspirations. Together, Michele and Davide developed a comprehensive plan that covered a wide range of topics crucial for Michele’s growth.

Regular mock interviews were a critical component of their plan. These sessions were designed to build Michele's confidence in expressing his technical knowledge, especially in English, which was not his first language.

"The mock interviews were intense. Davide simulated real interview scenarios, which really helped me to think on my feet and articulate my thoughts clearly," Michele notes.

Navigating challenges

As with any journey, Michele's path to success was not without its obstacles. One of the biggest challenges was crafting a resume that would stand out in the highly competitive tech industry. "I knew my resume was my first impression to recruiters, and it had to be perfect," Michele states.

With Davide's guidance, he learned how to effectively showcase his skills and experiences, turning his CV into a compelling narrative of his capabilities.

Another significant challenge was staying motivated and focused, especially when progress seemed slow. "There were times when I felt overwhelmed, doubting if I could really make it," Michele admits.

Davide played a crucial role during these moments, providing not just technical guidance but also emotional support. "Davide was more than a mentor; he was a motivator. He reminded me of my goals and the progress we had made, which was incredibly uplifting," Michele acknowledges.

Throughout this journey, Michele also faced the daunting task of mastering new technologies and concepts, often feeling out of his depth. "Learning complex subjects like system design was intimidating at first.

But Davide’s methodical and patient teaching style made it manageable," he says. This step-by-step approach, coupled with Davide’s encouragement, helped Michele gradually build his expertise and self-confidence.

As Michele navigated these challenges, his mentorship with Davide evolved into more than just a teacher-student relationship. It became a partnership, with each milestone and setback shared and tackled together.

Future Aspirations and Continued Growth

With the internship at Tesla on the horizon, Michele looks to the future with renewed ambition and confidence. The mentorship experience has not only equipped him with the skills needed for his current success but also ignited a passion for continuous learning and self-improvement. "This is just the beginning," Michele asserts. "What I've learned has opened new doors for me, and I'm excited about the possibilities that lie ahead."

For those considering mentorship, Michele offers some practical advice. "Choose your mentor wisely," he advises. "It’s important to connect with someone who not only has the skills you aspire to learn but also understands your journey." He emphasizes the importance of being proactive in the mentor-mentee relationship. "Ask questions, seek feedback, and most importantly, be open to learning."

Michele also suggests using the mentorship experience to build a strong foundation for future career moves. "Use this opportunity to not just gain skills but also to understand the industry, the market demands, and where you fit in," he says.

Michele's journey and insights underscore the transformative power of mentorship. His story is a beacon for others embarking on their professional paths, highlighting the importance of guidance, persistence, and a willingness to step out of their comfort zone to achieve their career goals.

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