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Adam Salim

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Best suited for esports business owners & executives who want to develop esports 2.0 & #eat4life.

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"Tyrone Butler, CEMBB,CLSSMBB,TPS,ITIL,ITSM introduced me to Lean Six Sigma on July 8th, 2020. By Wednesday March 23, 2023, I've mentored employees from Netflix, Activision Blizzard, Riot Games, top esports teams, organizations, cyber athletes, Chairmen, CEOs & raised over $10M+ for esports startup companies & became officially Certified in Esports Lean Six Sigma White Belt standards.

You're not ready to see me with a Black Belt."

- Adam Mzelea Salim

What Do I Do?

(Short version):

I mentor esports & gaming business owners & executives that want to become physically & psychologically prepared to undergo major funding (sponsorship, investment & or government grants) rounds by specializing in business development (marketing, sales, negotiations & strategic partnerships).

More details:

I have many successes & failures in all areas of esports & gaming. Individually as a mentor, coach, consultant & or advisor. I have customers, clients, students & or mentees.

Why? I implement & execute proven esports business fundamentals & I’ve learned venture capital & crowdfunding strategy (setting strategic initiatives (which is what governments, angel investors, firms, funds & or strategic partners prefer to invest upon.

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