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Adam Salim

 United States of America

Senior Marketing Director @MRKNCIan - MRKNClan

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I mentor esports & gaming entrepreneurs that want to become physically & psychologically prepared to undergo major funding (sponsorship, investment & or government grants) rounds by specializing in business development (marketing, sales, negotiations & strategic partnerships).

https://streamerlinks.com/MRKNAdam (Social Media)

https://youtu.be/VcZUn5ytCd4 (Venture Capitalist Adam Salim Talks How To Build An Esports Organization)

https://youtu.be/ZA6kilz81J8 (Mentoring and coaching in the world of Esports - feat. Adam Salim)

https://youtu.be/TuaMS99aRrU (Esports Mentor Experience w/Guest Candy Vargas)

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