Amin is a machine learning engineer / full stack data scientist, currently working as a Machine Learning Engineer at Google. Amin's method of mentorship is to empower the mentee. Helping mentees with totally different backgrounds (electrical engineering, biology, civil engineering), Amin understands the struggles many students have in fitting into the job market. He is good with explaining tough DS concepts in simple layman's terms. He is well-versed with various ML/DL algorithms, statistical concepts (AB testing, causal inference), tools (python, sql, R). Most importantly, Amin enjoys seeing mentees land their dream jobs.

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5 out of 5 stars

I am happy to have made a connection with Amin, obtaining his guidance as I embark on a career transition. I was particularly drawn to Amin's experience working with professionals with engineering backgrounds making career transitions to DS/ML. As I also have an engineering background, Amin was able to relate to where I was coming from, understood the typical challenges engineers encountered in such career changes, and was able to provide appropriate and relevant guidance on what key courses to study and which skill-building projects to work on. Amin's style of mentoring is to empower the mentee by having an initial discussion to map out a course study and job interview prep plan, and allowing the mentee to go forth to chart a trajectory and be the pilot of the career transition journey, making himself available to chat or discuss any follow-up questions the mentee may have. I have learnt helpful pointers from my discussions with Amin. Thanks.



5 out of 5 stars

Had an excellent experience with Amin's Study Plan session. He spent the time to understand my background, goals and addressed any concerns I had. Then took the time to create a detailed roadmap of how to reach those goals with several resources. I would highly recommend Amin!



5 out of 5 stars

Realistic study plan to fulfill my objectives

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