Amin is a machine learning engineer / full stack data scientist, currently working as a Machine Learning Engineer at Google. Amin's method of mentorship is to empower the mentee. Helping mentees with totally different backgrounds (electrical engineering, biology, civil engineering), Amin understands the struggles many students have in fitting into the job market. He is good with explaining tough DS concepts in simple layman's terms. He is well-versed with various ML/DL algorithms, statistical concepts (AB testing, causal inference), tools (python, sql, R). Most importantly, Amin enjoys seeing mentees land their dream jobs.

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5 out of 5 stars

I had a great session with Amin to create a study plan. My goal was to help bridge the gaps in my past experiences and be ready for big tech ML interviews. Amin is a resourceful and knowledgeable mentor who is able to suggest the right set of resources you need, without distracting you with noise that could waste your study time or delay your plans. He uses board visualizations to illustrate his views and facilitate the delivery. I enjoyed my session and I am very happy with the suggestions I got. I will definitely be in touch again in future to develop my plan further for the next stages.



5 out of 5 stars

Amin is a pleasant person to work with. He is kind, realistic, focused and resourceful. I have met with Amin to develop a study plan and much to my liking, he quickly visualized what my career objective entails and then zeroed in on my strengths and weaknesses. Amin was able to share with me a handful of free or affordable resources to strengthen my weaknesses and gave me great job seeking advice. Amin is not a money-grubbing mentor, and I got a sense that he genuinely cares about his mentees.



5 out of 5 stars

I booked a career consultation session with Amin and it was totally worth it. He thoroughly answered any questions I had and helped me formulate a study plan to achieve my goals - would recommend 10/10.

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