Andrei Gavrila

Agile Coach. Head of Products Development @ Pentalog

Hello! I'm Andrei!

I am an Agile Coach and Development Manager with 14+ years in the custom software development industry and if you are a Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Coach, or Agile Leader looking for a mentor I'm glad you are reading this!

Because in the last years I helped more than 40 people in those roles getting significantly better at what they do 🚀🚀.

Here are some things people say about me:
✌️ "You have the ability to inspire people, to make them believe in something, not just understand it" - Agile Coach
✌️ "Always having a positive attitude, there is always a solution for all situations." - Product Owner
✌️ "I appreciate your cutting edge knowledge and the ability to share it. I always leave with something out-of-the-ordinary after our discussions." - Scrum Master
✌️ "You helped me be inspired, have courage, and be a pro at what I do" - Scrum Master
✌️ "You encourage people to openly discuss their views, their challenges, and what solutions they see, helping them express feelings, desires, and targets in a safe environment" - Agile Leader
✌️ "Maybe the strongest distinctive characteristic I found helpful is that you are real support. You are here to help. I even have the feeling that if you don't feel you can help you just don't say anything. You're available for me just in case you may support me in any way possible. Our team is growing as never before" - CTO
✌️ "You don't say what I want to hear, but what I need to hear to make a better decision" - CTO

Throughout my career, I lived and worked in France, the U.S., Italy, and Romania, and I had the opportunity to experience diverse contexts that helped me discover the things I am truly passionate about. One of them is helping people grow 🚀🚀.

Let's book a 20 minutes call to discuss your goals, projects, and aspirations. I would be happy to tell you more about the ways I think I can help you!

I promise you that together we will do more than you now think possible!

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