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I made this resource based on questions from my existing students - 70 page ebook with explanation of fundamental programming concepts.

Hi there! 👋 I’ve been unofficially mentoring developers for many years now. I’ve learned many things the hard way or the slow way in the last 15 years working as a software engineer. Any week that I can meaningfully help someone else on their programming journey is a good week -- by explaining tricky concepts, teaching meta-coding and problem solving skills. If you are looking to talk to someone about the following, get it touch!:

* Coaching with any aspect of digital product building using web technologies (JS, HTML/CSS) as well backend API design and data modeling

* Computer Science Fundamentals - things you need to know regardless of what programming languages/frameworks/tools you end up using. I love breaking down complex concepts in an easy to understand way and connecting the dots.

* Tips for how to succeed at your SW job - from understanding the structure of an existing codebase and software system, to reading other people’s code, to participating in code reviews. Finding your niche and becoming a valuable member of team.

* Learning methods and mindset - how to decide what to learn and in what order, how to track progress. Habits for making sure you’re growing as a developer, setting aside daily coding and creating time.

Such a great mentor, amazing experience! Thank you!

Testimonial by Luis from September 2020

So helpful! She immediately gave me clear, actionable steps I could use to focus on the things in my career that are important.

Testimonial by Camille from August 2020

Bhumi does a very good job of explaining complex topics in a simple and comprehensive way

Testimonial by Nikolai from June 2020
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