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Software Engineer - Independent

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Hi there! πŸ‘‹ I’ve been unofficially mentoring new developers for many years now. I’ve learned many things the hard way or the slow way in the last 15 years working as a software developer. Any week that I can meaningfully help someone else by sharing my hard-earned insights is a good week. If you are looking to talk to someone about the following, get it touch!:
* Help with any aspect of digital product building using web technologies (JS, HTML/CSS) as well backend API design and data modeling
* Computer Science Fundamentals - any concept that you want to understand better, I love breaking down explaining concepts in an easy to understand way
* Tips for how succeed at your new dev job - from reading other people’s code to participating in code reviews. To finding your niche and becoming a helpful team member.
* Career transitions within software industry (I’ve gone from being an embedded firmware engineer to web developer to indie maker - and happy to talk about all the different things you can do in technology)
* Learning and Productivity - habits for making sure you’re growing as a developer, setting aside daily coding and creating time, how to decide what new tech or tool or learn (or ignore)

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