Blake Emal

Senior Manager of Demand Generation @ Talkdesk

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As a marketer of 6 years and having experience in agency life, private consulting, and in-house work for a billion-dollar company: I can help you get where you want to go.

More about me:

Instead of doing the traditional college-after-HS route, I went on a volunteer mission to France and Switzerland for 2 years.

When I returned to the USA at 21, I had no skills and contemporaries were 2 years ahead of me in their professions/education.

I stumbled into SEO because of a friend who needed help on the French-speaking SEO team at Boostability.

I took this knowledge and used it to coach local small business owners in Utah to sharpen the saw.

I moved on to work for agencies — here, I expanded my pillar skill of SEO outward to PPC, Email, Podcasting, CRO, and Social Media.

I began consulting on the side to maintain my growth and explore my entrepreneurial spirit.

Now, I work for a unicorn company as a Senior Manager and the momentum keeps rolling!

All of these steps were made possible because of my micro influence on LinkedIn and other platforms!

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