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In over twenty years in the industry, more than ten if them as a professional developer, scrum master, development manager and agile evangelist I've always tried to lead by example. I've worked in big companies and startups. I've written code that runs in millions of machines. I've lead projects and teams of all sizes. And throughout everything, I've always thought to share my skills and knowledge, and learn from the people around me.
Today I am a freelance Agile coach. I love working with new and experienced Scrum Masters and Product Owners and to learn with them about the problems and solutions in our agile world. I also help prepare people for the PSM1 and PSPO1 certification exams, both of which certificates I poses myself.

I'm a self-learner, and despite the fact that I have a degree in computer science, the vast majority of what I know I learned by myself, from courses, books, and work experience. If you are on a journey to become a developer or to learn new skills, but you're feeling overwhelmed by everything out there, I can help you. If you are new to agile, scrum, and software leadership, then please drop me a line.

A quick note about women and minorities: In my roles as a manager, whenever I have had the opportunity to hire someone, I've always looked for minority and women candidates. I think that it is crucial that we as the development community welcome diversity and gain from it. It has been my experience that a person who has had to overcome adversity will be far more motivated to succeed, and I love helping with that success. As a mentor, I welcome the opportunity to share my knowledge with anyone, but especially women and minority developers, who may not have had the same access to knowledge and experience as I had. This does come with a caveat though: I am a privileged white guy, and I have never faced challenges based on my race or gender, so I cannot (and would not presume to) give advice on these topics. If you need technical/professional advice and encouragement, though, I'm your man.

Boaz is a very responsible and knowledgeable instructor. Helped me in various parts of Java programming. His years of experience behind him say it all. Plus he can be funny and always replies to messages almost instantly. 10/10 would 'hire' him again :)

Testimonial by Stefan from July 2020
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