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Callan Richardson

 United Kingdom

Creative Developer - Acumé Forensic

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Hello, I'm Callan! I'm from the UK, and I currently work as a multimedia generalist in a digital forensics company at senior level. I've been involved in the creative technology field for over 10 years now, with a specific focus on learning and presenting information.

I have worked at many levels of education, including Primary - working with pupils including special needs students on the basics of computers and iPads, and University - mentoring individual third year students on final year Augmented Reality projects which achieved First Class grades. I also have experience working within the e-learning industry for 2 years - working with clients such as, EMR, ASDA, ODEON cinema and the National Health Service. I now work closely with Police Forces and Courts to create and find the best ways of displaying evidential material during trials.

I believe my technical expertise combined with my teaching and training experience allows me to help anyone achieve their set goals and get to a level they are comfortable with, even if said person is starting out with little or no skills or experience.

I can teach you the basics and principles of design theory, how to select the best software available (free and paid for), how to utilise the software to your needs, and increase your technical capabilities by combining techniques and knowledge of principles and workflow. I have good experience with web design, web development, Wordpress, Divi, responsive design, layout, industry trends, graphic design, brand design, Blender, Unity, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and much more. I have a Bachelor of Science in Creative Media Technology.

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