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Full-stack developer - Self employed

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My passion is the creation of small and useful products. I have been a full-stack developer working for two startups those past four years. I have worked on all the "coding websites" aspects, and one hybrid mobile application. Before that, I have been a business intelligence consultant for six years. That involved a lot of SQL queries, and trying to find the proper way of presenting data.

I started coding when I was 15, creating small games on my TI calculator when the classes were too boring. I know the thrill of going form a blank page to a functional application. Today I have specialized in JavaScript. I am still learning a lot every day, but I think I know enough to finally share with other people.

Given the proper motivation, I do believe anybody can learn how to code. Whoever you are, please don't hesitate to reach out. I am willing to accommodate and find the proper way to help you.

Resumes are all and good, but personalities matter too. So I do think of the seven days trial as a personality trial too. The technical quality can be there, but If it's not a good fit on this aspect, just let me know, no offense taken.

Oh, also, french is my mother tongue, so if it's easier for you, let's talk in french!

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