Christophe Mamessier

Full-Stack Developer @ Ensho Health

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My passion is the creation of small and useful products. I have been a full-stack developer working for two startups those past four years. I have worked on all the "coding websites" aspects, and one hybrid mobile application. Before that, I have been a business intelligence consultant for six years. That involved a lot of SQL queries, and trying to find the proper way of presenting data.

I started coding when I was 15, creating small games on my TI calculator when the classes were too boring. I know the thrill of going form a blank page to a functional application. Today I have specialized in JavaScript. I am still learning a lot every day, but I think I know enough to finally share with other people.

Given the proper motivation, I do believe anybody can learn how to code. Whoever you are, please don't hesitate to reach out. I am willing to accommodate and find the proper way to help you.

Resumes are all and good, but personalities matter too. So I do think of the seven days trial as a personality trial too. The technical quality can be there, but If it's not a good fit on this aspect, just let me know, no offense taken.

Oh, also, french is my mother tongue, so if it's easier for you, let's talk in french!

What students say

"Christophe is an excellent mentor, he is very knowledgeable about the subject matter and responses to my email with enthusiasm. I am very happy with his suggestions and look forward to continuing this mentorship with him. "
Mario, February 2021
5 stars
"Christophe is a great mentor, he cares about his students development and sets a good plan on how to move forward. I highly recommend him for those wanting to improve their programming skills."
Nick, February 2021
5 stars

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