Clint Carlson

Director of Education Technology - Istanbul International Community School

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As a leader in education technology and holistic communication management, my focus on capacity building is rooted in a passion for learning, teaching, and enabling others.

My enthusiasm is deeply rooted in a belief that education is the source of improving humanity. My role in Educational Technology fosters learning cultures with self-efficacy, community & collaboration which elevate the learning of entire generations to flourish.

I blend my leadership vision with design technology toward fostering education communities where teachers are partners with their students in learning endeavors. Students are taught not only technological skills, but also transferring those progressive qualities into critical thinking, world empathy, communication, and sustainable use of technology required in our current world. I am particularly passionate about the Maker movement and the future of Augmented and Virtual Reality to support future learning environments.

I have a diverse portfolio of experience (designer, developer, project manager, trainer, strategist, and leader) that has spanned many industries (education, private, corporate, NGO, United Nations). This has provided me a wide from the ground up” intuition to support teachers, administrators, team members, and students in ways rarely found in education technology. I’m often involved in projects that don’t directly impact my team as I bring in fresh ideas and brainstorming for short and long-term scenarios.

My focus on the power of technical education capacity-building reflects back on students exponentially and is amplified by my digital humanitarianism – helping those who help others to provide exponential, lasting good.

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