Corey Haines

Head of Growth @ Baremetrics
United States of America 5.0 (4 reviews) Active last month


My mission is to help SaaS companies with marketing to drive real, sustainable growth. I specialize in early-stage traction, finding and establishing growth channels, content marketing, customer research, positioning, messaging, and copywriting.

My core philosophy is that growth is an interdependent system of 5 core parts: market, product, model, messaging & positioning, and channels. I work to systematically help you uncover which of these needs the most help, where there's the most opportunity, and reverse-engineering what you need to hit your next revenue milestone.

Basically, I'm your marketing guy. Whether you need someone to brainstorm, build a strategy, get in the weeds, or just motivate you to keep marketing your product, I can give you clarity and make you doubly as effective as a marketer.

I've met with hundreds of founders and product people over the last couple of years and love any chance I can to help someone else with marketing.



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