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Eric Crawford

 United States of America

Senior Product Manager - Independent

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I’m a product manager with experience building products and scaling ecosystems with top-tier partners including Airbnb, Amazon, Google, and Samsung. I gravitate toward emerging platforms and have launched empowering applications across Web, Mobile, TV, Smart Home, and Voice platforms.

As a product manager with over 15-years experience, I have enjoyed the informal mentoring that I’ve been able to do for aspiring product managers via LinkedIn. So, I welcome the opportunity to do this in a more formal setting.

I have a suite of reliable tools and tactics that mentees can use during their journeys:

-Resume Reviews/Proofs: will provide editorial guidance and/or review resumes, cover letters, take home assignments

-Interviews: will offer 30-min mock interviews on common interview questions (can likely record via Loom or other platform)

-Job Search Strategy: how to find and apply for positions that align with one's passion/truth

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