Fábio Rito

Software Engineer & Solutions Architect - Riverstar

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I am a full-stack software engineer with 5 years of enterprise experience in software development.

I've a MSc degree in Software Engineering from the University of Lisbon. I work with technologies in both backend and frontend contexts. I believe that I have a great tech stack and I always looking for the best technologies that solve the problems that I am trying to solve. This will allow me to help you finding the best career path based on your needs, likes and dislikes.

Until now I've collaborated in a lot of complex projects, I've shared a lot of knowledge with a lot of awesome developers and I really want to help you to begin an IT career or just help you to improve your IT skills and get ready for the IT business.

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Engineering & Data JavascriptAngularReactWebDevelopmentJavaSpringNode.JS

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