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Gus Veiga Quick Responder


Sr. Growth Marketing Manager - Uber

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Hello there, thank you for stopping by.
I'm Gus and my ride on Uber has already almost 3 years.

Here is a little bit of my career profile:
For the past fifteen years, I have built a successful career in marketing and growth positions. In these roles, I became skilled at customer acquisition, a range of business models, and GTM strategies. Leveraged by a career started in digital marketing agencies, then e-commerce operations, and now absorbed in the tech industry. At the majority of these positions, I was fully accountable for revenue and business results.

My experience at tech industry improved my comprehension of tech products adoption, sales life cycle optimization and lead generation programs through these years of interactions with cross-functional teams, gained by the multiple contacts with customer data research, relationship with regional offices in order to get things done and setting the priorities that would shape my success that I have been building so far.

I believe that my background in marketing combined with my passion for decision driven by data and strong team development skills can make me a strong Mentor for you.

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