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Software Engineer - JavaScript Developer - Eurostar

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I'm a Software Engineer working out of London currently writing JavaScript/Node.js/TypeScript.

I've worked across across the tech industry: from freelance/agency work to stints at a variety of startups and companies such as Canon, Elsevier and (currently) Eurostar.

I'm a co-author of "Professional JavaScript" and "Front-End Development Projects with Vue.js" with Packt, "The Jest Handbook" (self-published) and I run I enjoy sharing knowledge about JavaScript, and web platform architecture. I also contribute to open source, currently a contributor to Alpine.js (I maintain community devtools) and HonKit (a GitBook fork).

I have a Mathematical Computation MEng from University College London, so also happy to help with Computer Science concepts/interview prep.

Hugo is very knowledgable and solution-oriented, definitely suggested!

Testimonial by stefano from May 2020

Hugo is really good mentor . Answered all my questions and and explained them to me and also shows you documentation!

Testimonial by Dante
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