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Ian Grabill

 United States of America

CTO / Head of Engineering / Senior Software Engineer - Submarine Rock

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Hey everyone, my name is Ian and I've been building software for over a decade now. I am a self taught entrepreneurial software engineer. I studied Business and Marine Biology in College, but have always been playing with computers. Shortly after college I started working exclusively in technology, building products, managing/growing teams and starting companies. I am both a hands on developer and technical leader. Currently, I act as a CTO for multiple clients along with my own businesses and lead an engineering team for a digital agency.

If you are:
- Looking for career advice/guidance
- Wanting to build a software product
- Have been working in software, but not sure where to go next
- Looking for advice on Software Design / Architecture
- Non Technical but looking to become more technical
- Thinking about a bootcamp and want to discuss

I would be a great fit. Send me a message and we can chat!

Looking forward to it,

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