Hey everyone, my name is Ian and I've been building software for over a decade now. I am a self taught entrepreneurial software engineer. I studied Business and Marine Biology in College, but have always been playing with computers. Shortly after college I started working exclusively in technology, building products, managing/growing teams and starting companies. I am both a hands on developer and technical leader. Currently, I act as a CTO for multiple clients along with my own businesses and lead an engineering team for a digital agency.

If you are:
- Looking for career advice/guidance
- Wanting to build a software product
- Have been working in software, but not sure where to go next
- Looking for advice on Software Design / Architecture
- Non Technical but looking to become more technical
- Thinking about a bootcamp and want to discuss

I would be a great fit. Send me a message and we can chat!

Looking forward to it,

What students say

"Ian was the perfect mentor for me. I originally contacted him to help get me into my first job and he did just that. He reviewed all my projects, code, resume, and my LinkedIn. My helped me narrow my search for the right jobs. Then he continually gave me tasks and assignments and helped me keep improving. Ultimately, I got my first job! He was definitely invested in my growth and I couldn't have asked for a better mentor."
Brian, August 2020
5 stars

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